Land Management System

POSSE LMS is browser-based COTS+ software that automates and streamlines the workflow associated with building, planning, engineering, code enforcement, and other municipal land management activities.  Learn More >

Alcoholic Beverage Control

POSSE ABC is highly configurable, browser-based COTS+ software that provides the depth and staying power for liquor control agencies needing to change, grow, and optimize their business processes.   Learn More >

e-Licensing / e-Permitting

POSSE eLIC will modernize your Enterprise eLicensing operations quickly and efficiently. It will get you online, automate your workflow, and bring your citizens high quality government services quickly.   Learn More >


"When I need help, they are always there, willing and capable. Also, they don’t assume I can understand everything they are talking about. They explain in a way that I can understand and work with."

Becky Beavers, Senior Planner,
 Madera County, CA

"The product has worked well for us for over nine years. The organization and its people consistently demonstrate integrity and professionalism."

Connie Boden, Environmental Licensing Manager
Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division (PPRAQD)
Broward County, FL

"I would, and do, recommend Computronix."

Jason LeMaster, Director of Environmental Health
Hamilton County Health Department
Hamilton County, IN

“Computronix is wonderful. They implemented the project on time and in budget. We are very pleased with the product.”

Mary Freeman, General Manager
Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB)
Government of British Columbia

"Computronix has done nothing but excellent work in my eyes and has always been fair with us in our dealings."

Chris Mertens, Director of Information Technology,
Information System Services Department
Hamilton County, IN

"Computronix delivered a system that met our needs and continues to offer support as the system matures and grows. The consultants are highly professional and client-oriented. I value the company’s integrity."

Bonnie Meeder, Assistant Director
Sustainable Development and Construction, Real Estate Division
City of Dallas, TX

“Excellent feedback from internal and external users. We now have (customers) using POSSE to monitor their applications. Staff productivity gains based on new business processes using POSSE made us an award-winning organization.”

Larry Benowski, General Manager (retired)
Planning and Development
City of Edmonton

"Computronix' support and service are without equal. They are dedicated and responsive to our needs."

Julie Crask, Applications & Database Manager,
Information System Services Department
Hamilton County, IN

"Great customer service!"

Michael Tran, Senior IT Analyst,
Housing Department City of Dallas, TX

“On behalf of the Natural Resource sector (8 departments), we would like to thank all of you (at Computronix) ... We have moved a giant leap forward in extending our E-Licensing enterprise footprint.”

Chris Grant, E-Licensing Project Team
Ministry of Environment
Government of British Columbia

"Computronix has helped us resolve our business needs."

Jon Chinn, Department of Information Technology
City & County of Honolulu, HI

"The best part of working with Computronix is the efficiency and time saving factors of the products created."

Jennifer Templeton, Chief Deputy Treasurer
Hamilton County, IN

“Permits, authorizations, tenures, licenses and more—the eLicensing experience has proven that the business processes of their issuance and management is very similar across government, and lends itself to opportunities for automation and subsequent reuse of a single, integrated solution.”

Mike Kelley, Director, E-Licensing BC
Integrated Land Management Bureau
Government of British Columbia

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